How They Work:

Scratch cards are the newest fundraising idea. The cards offer between 80% and 90% profit, which is twice as profitable as candy bars, and less of a hassle. They are pocket sized booklets with scratch off dots with donation amounts underneath. Some scratch card have coupon pads attached and some front covers can have a group / team name and logo printed on it.

Variety Of Scratch Card Fundraisers:

1- Scratch Card With Coupons
This is the most popular type of scratch card because it offers the most value to the fundraising group's supporters in the form of coupons. These coupons can then be redeemed by the supporter for a variety of products or services. BEWARE - Not all coupons are the same; some are very straight forward and easily redeemed at popular stores and restaurants whereas others are for lesser know products and may have many conditions. Learn more - Scratch Card Buying Tips

2- Scratch Card - No coupons
Your supporter scratches to reveal donation amounts under scratch off dots. These do not offer anything in return to your supporter for their donation. Although these can be cheaper to buy, they typically will not raise as much as scratch card fundraisers with coupons.

How Scratch Card Fundraisers Work

Each fundraising participant receives a scratch card and asks supporters to scratch 1 or more dots. Supporters pay the total of the amounts revealed. For the most popular scratch cards, the amounts underneath each scratch dot are between 50 - $3. Other cards that raise less, have amounts between 5 - $2. The most popular cards offer coupons in return for the donation.

Scratch Card Fundraiser Cost & Profit:

The cost and amount raised in dollars varies considerably. The cost of cards can be as low as $5 and raise $50, others can cost $25 and raise $250. The percentage profit of most scratch cards range between 80% and 90%. BEWARE - $50 cards that don't have coupons and the $250 cards that have high donation amounts are harder to complete. The $100 cards, costing $20, seem to work best as the donation amounts are not too low or too high and the card also offers valuable coupons in return.

Example: Card with coupons that raises $100
Each card typically costs $20 so your profit is $80 per card. Assuming you have 30 players X $80 = $2400 Profit.The profit potential is quite impressive and realistic. Some companies do offer added profit potential by giving groups free cards with their order. These free cards can then be used to raise profit at no cost and can even pay for the cost of the cards purchased. Learn more - Compare Advantages

Scratch Card Fundraiser Advantages:

Scratch card fundraisers are quick and simple. Unlike order-taker fundraising there is no order-taking or deliveries required and you collect your money on the spot. Your donors also get good value in coupon savings from popular merchants they can actually use. Learn more - Compare Advantages

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